#1: Floral Prints

It doesn’t get much more Spring than floral nail designs. Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate your nails for the season, and the possibilities are limited to your imagination. Floral nails could be anything from a small, minimal design, to every nail being fully covered in flowers. There are so many different flowers, to style with any type of nail. You can turn a simple French nail into a beautiful garden, or you can simply cover oval, coffin, stiletto, almond, square or any nail shape with them.

#2: Minimalist Nails

Minimalist nails are becoming more and more popular. People are looking for an elegant style that goes with any outfit or occasion. Usually done with neutral colours (but not always!) these styles can vary and are perfect for any season, but we like them best for spring! Minimalist nails are great for those who do not like their nails too bright or apparent but want that beautiful, cute charm.

#3: The Colourful French Tip

The French manicure is a timeless classic that will always be in style – and for good reason. The French manicure can be played with and altered in so many curious ways. More people are turning to a simple yet playful colourful French tip. Artists and clients agree that the bolder the colour, the cooler the nails!

#4: Amazing Accents

Have you been looking for the perfect nail design for every occasion and every outfit? Look no further than these amazing accent nails! These nails are not only simple, but classy as well! This style is often seen on the runway because it is so diverse and can work with any design and fashion!

#5: Gold Accents

Gold. It’s a timeless classic. Whether its clothing, jewelry, or other accessories, it has always been a fan favourite. The addition of gold lines or foil to nails is increasingly popular and is always a perfect choice for any manicure or pedicure. It’s a great accent to any nail design or colour and gives a luxurious appearance.